EV Charger Installation Melbourne

EV Charger Supply and Installation Melbourne


Looking to install an EV charger at your home or business?

Form Electrical supplies and installs residential and commercial EV charging stations across Melbourne that are personalised to fit your budget, with the features you need.

We also provide maintenance for existing EV chargers, install customer-supplied EV chargers and assist with recommendations if you are looking to upgrade.

Each supply and installation service includes full set-up (including all accessories and software), 12-month installation guarantee and full manufacturer warranty.

Form Electrical is a Licensed Electrical Contractor, meaning that all work is performed in compliance with Australian Standards and a Certificate of Electrical Safety is provided on completion.

Our qualified electricians are friendly and approachable. We don’t outsource to larger providers, meaning you receive only consistent, attentive and reliable service.

Our team is here to help you select the best EV charger in terms of its placement, usability, your vehicle, existing power set-up and budget.

Buy with confidence from experts with excellent product knowledge and technical expertise. Its reassurance that you will receive a sound installation with quality workmanship and the appropriate EV charger for your specific requirements and vehicle.

Types of electric vehicle chargers

Whether you need overnight charging or a speedy top up, there are various types of EV chargers on the market for a variety of indoor/outdoor settings and capacity requirements.

Small-scale ‘Single Phase’ EV Chargers

Small-scale single-phase EV chargers are well-suited to overnight charging at home. To put this in perspective, 1 hour of charge will give you approximately 50kms of driving. These are a standard wall-socket charger (7kw).

Large-capacity ‘Three-Phase’ EV Chargers

A larger-capacity three-phase charger (50-180kw) can provide an electric car with full charge in under 30 minutes (depending on the model of charger used). These are generally used in commercial or industrial settings like public charging stations, shops and factories.

Types of EV Chargers

You need a charger that caters to your vehicle, power needs, home and lifestyle. It’s also important that your new EV charger is suited to its environment, in an aesthetic and also a user-friendly sense. Something compact is also nice!

  • Wall-mounted
  • Floor-standing
  • Pole-mounted
  • Single or dual-output
  • Indoor or outdoor (weather resistant)

We’re EV charger specialists, meaning we have excellent product knowledge and we love matching the right EV charger model to the right scenario of needs. This creates a personalised EV charging station you will be 100% happy with… because simply, it ticks all your boxes.

New Homes (new builds)

Most new houses come with EV chargers already installed. Form Electrical is available as a contractor to supply and fit your residential (domestic) and industrial (commercial) charging stations at your site – including large size charging stations with multiple units and usage styles.

Trusted, reliable brands of EV chargers

Looking to install a quality EV charger for your electric vehicle? Upgrading? You need a reliable, well-designed product that lasts and performs the way you need it to. After all, you’ve invested in the car – you want to look after it and protect your assets.

Brands of EV Chargers

Form Electrical has access to all the leading EV charger manufacturers and models on the market. Here are some of the popular brands we deal with.

  • Evse
  • Infinite Energy
  • Tritium
  • LME
  • EVolution
  • Tesla
  • Zappi
  • Smappee
  • EO
  • SolarEdge
  • SMA
  • Enel
  • Wallbox

Smart EV Smart chargers

‘Smart EV chargers’ provide ways for you to further optimise the way you charge, such as charge scheduling (including automatic on and off-peak charging) and load balancing.

They can be of particular benefit to self-sufficiency, reduction of costs and protection of your home’s electricity system – particularly if you are charging with solar.

Using a Smart EV Charger you can automatically charge your EV when electricity prices are low or only when solar power is being generated. Load Balancing is a feature where the charge rate is adjusted, to prevent overload and tripping of the electric supply.

All EV chargers supplied and fitted by Form Electrical are compliant with Australian Standards, come with a 12-month installation guarantee and a full manufacturer warranty.

Installation of your new EV charger

Ok so you’ve received your quote and we’re ready to install. A typical residential EV charger installation takes anywhere from half, to a full day. Here’s what happens.

EV Charger installation – what’s involved?

  • Pre-installation site conditions check – switchboard size, cable runs, charger location, power capacity (some of this is also determined during the quotation process)
  • Installation of all cabling and hardware
  • Programming of all software (if applicable)
  • Final test/commission
  • Hand over (customer ‘walk-through’ of all features, warranty information).

Good communication is maintained from start to finish, so you stay informed throughout the entire process and before we leave, we ensure you are completely comfortable and understand your EV charger.

Safety and Compliance

In Australia, installation of all permanently wired electrical equipment must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor, compliant with Australian Codes and Regulations. Form
Electrical is a fully insured, Licensed Electrical Contractor and Licensed Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria. All work performed in compliance with AS3000/AS3018.

Your new charging station will be completely safe and in perfect working order.

Customer-supplied EV chargers

Form Electrical will install customer-supplied EV chargers providing that they comply with Australian Standards. Pricing is charged at an hourly rate for all non-standard installations.

If you already have a model and location in mind, we can fit it. If you need advice with these things, we are happy to undertake an on-site assessment to learn about how you use your space, determine the best position and identify any risks.

Ready for a quote?

Go straight to our enquiry form here. Or if you’re still contemplating and want to know more, give us a call on 0455 116 119.

We quote ‘per job’ due to the varying site conditions and requirements that each job presents. Each and every job is unique!

  • Photos are really helpful for us! When quoting, we appreciate:
  • Photo of your switchboard
  • Photo of your meterbox
  • Photo of the house/property from the front yard
  • Photo of the location you would like your charger

FAQs – EV Charger installation

How much do EV chargers cost?

Pricing varies due to the varying makes and models of EV chargers available. Those that have higher capacity or enhanced features can carry a higher price tag, whereas something more basic might be considerably less. Our team of friendly electricians can provide advice on models available within your budget and an estimated installation cost, so know what you are up for.

Are accessories included?

All accessories like charging cables and adaptors come with the charging package purchased. If a particular charger comes with an app, we set this up for you during installation.

How do I look after my EV charger?

  • Always hang the charger lead on its manufacturer hook
  • Don’t let the charger head drag or hit hard surfaces
  • Don’t knock the charger with hard surfaces
  • Always look for a damaged charger head or lead before use

Always invest in a high-quality EV charger with a good warranty.

Can I get service and maintenance for my EV charger?

Yes, you can. Form Electrical offers maintenance for EV charger stations on an ‘as needed’ basis, including emergency repairs. Maintenance can include general wear and tear on plugs and lead ends, or test and tagging (commercial setting).

Pricing during normal business hours is charged at our service call rate which includes the first 30 minutes, plus materials and any additional labour.

What are some good-to-have features?

‘App Control’. This means that using your device you can monitor and manage your charger. Apps (software) also allow monetisation of larger-scale charging stations as a service or asset.
‘Backwards Control’ is also a neat feature This means that your EV can power your house during a blackout. If you have solar, it’s also great to have your home solar system directly power your EV charger.

What is the most popular residential home EV charger?

Evse is our most popular residential home EV charging station. We fit a lot of these in homes across Melbourne.

Are there any locations or conditions where an EV charger SHOULDNT be installed?

  • High traffic areas where the charger and infrastructure are likely to be damaged
  • Under/near close proximity to water sources
  • In direct weather conditions (however there are charges that suit this, if required).

What a great feeling to drive away in your electric vehicle charged by your own EV charging station. Call 0455 116 119 today to arrange a quote for installation at your home or business.

Sam Gaillard
Sam Gaillard
28. May, 2022.
They fit us in without hesitation for a large electrical project – nothing was to hard and completed ontime and to a high standard.
Alex Mellor
Alex Mellor
25. May, 2022.
Communication and attention to detail is great.
Emily Moore
Emily Moore
23. May, 2022.
We use the guys for our maintenance works on our business , always on time and here same day if we ever need.
Jayden Lloyd
Jayden Lloyd
22. May, 2022.
Chris and the team did an awesome job on our renovation – highly recommend.
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