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Outdoor Lighting Installation Melbourne

Looking for an electrician for outdoor lighting installation in Melbourne?

Form Electrical does new outdoor lighting installations, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs for all types of outdoor lighting in modern, industrial, and heritage homes right across Melbourne.

House exteriors, outdoor entertaining areas, security lighting, gardens, pergolas, garages, – whatever your project, we’d love to help. Our qualified electricians do small and large-scale outdoor lighting installations.

We can also provide recommendations on lighting type, placement, special features, and brands that will best suit your space, purpose and budget.

Form Electrical is a fully insured, Licenced Electrical Contractor and Licenced Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria.

All residential lighting installations are compliant with Australian Standards and a Certificate of Electrical Safety is provided upon completion.

All work performed in compliance with AS3000/AS3018.

Lighting installation services

Form Electrical offers the following services for residential outdoor lighting installation:

  • New outdoor lights installation
  • Removal, repositioning, or rewiring
  • Renovations and new builds
  • Outdoor lighting repairs and maintenance.

But it’s winter you say. No problem! Form Electrical can also design and install outdoor heating for your patio or outdoor entertaining area. We can incorporate this into your outdoor lighting quotation.

You can also call Form Electrical for your Indoor Lighting Installation, Commercial Lighting Installation, and Emergency Lighting Installation services.

Outdoor lighting installation in Melbourne
Recent outdoor lighting installation by Form Electrical

Choosing outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is not always for practicality! It’s often for decorative, safety, or security purposes to keep your home safe.

There is a lot to think about when choosing your lighting, including the outdoor environment where you live and the features you want. For example, if you live in a coastal area it might be best to avoid outdoor fixtures that are predominantly metal, to avoid corrosion. If there are high winds, ground-mounted garden lights might be more appropriate than a suspended or string lights option.

  • Weatherproof or undercover
  • Solar-powered or electric
  • Illumination type and colour
  • Mounting and positioning
  • Usability features
  • Decor and style
  • Energy efficiency
  • Budget

When you’ve decided on the type of lighting you want, it’s easy to find the best product.

Outdoor lighting maintenance

Different lighting systems require varying types of maintenance. With some types, you can do the maintenance yourself. With others, maintenance is best performed by an electrician. We can help you understand the maintenance requirements for the lighting that you are interested in.

Form Electrical is available to assist with outdoor lighting maintenance and repairs if you need security light testing, rewiring, replacement globes, regular checks to keep things safe, or overall home electrical system maintenance.

Location and positioning

You can choose to illuminate whole outdoor spaces or highlight certain features in your garden such as ponds, trees, or fountains. Adjustable lighting provides versatility to change angles, depending on which outdoor area you are using or want to highlight.

If you’re installing security lighting, you want intruders to see it and the sensors on the right angle for picking up any movement. If it’s for safety like for pathways and entrance points, the angle and high illumination are important to minimise tripping and so that gate latches and door handles are clearly visible.

Having your lighting well-positioned and mounted also helps complement the environment it’s in. You don’t want things looking lop-sided, uneven, or at the wrong angle!

Our team of lighting technicians can measure your space and ensure the correct spacing between lights and symmetry where appropriate.

Outdoor lighting installation, up/down wall light making a feature of this exposed brick wall – looks so good at night!

Usability and special features

Before your outdoor lighting installation, think about the special features you might need.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Remote controlled lighting
  • Adjustable spotlights
  • Sensor-activated lights
  • Outdoor heating lamps
  • Alternate lighting (day to night)
  • Automatic timers
  • Ceiling fan dual-function fan/light (see ceiling fan installation)

Some types of outdoor lighting are switched on all night, so energy efficiency is important.

As qualified electricians, Form Electrical can wire your outdoor lighting to be controlled from one switch, be area-specific, or on automatic timers.

Types of home lighting

Outdoor lighting can take a bit of a beating! Durable construction is important and it’s best to go with trusted, quality brands to avoid a disappointing underperforming product.

There are lots of outdoor lighting types to consider for your space and intended purpose.

  • Security and sensor lighting
  • Smart home lighting
  • Exterior LED downlights installation
  • Pendant lighting installation
  • Outdoor step lights
  • Festoon lighting or party lights
  • Decorative garden lighting
  • Floodlights

Festoon Lighting Installation Melbourne

Festoon lighting is decorative, ambient string lighting that hangs from overhead, with multiple bulbs. This lighting type is popular for outdoor entertainment areas, walkways, pergolas, and gazebos. Festoon lighting is easy to install and maintain and comes in a variety of lengths and colours.

It’s important to select a quality brand that provides replacement globes and a product warranty.

Outdoor Sensor Lighting

Outdoor sensor lights turn on automatically when motion is detected. Sensor lighting is great for deterring intruders, and lighting up pathways when your hands are full with shopping! The motion sensors usually have an adjustable time setting, so you have control over how long the lights stay on before shutting off automatically.

Choose from either infrared or white light sensor systems. You can also get solar-powered sensor lights that are great for the environment and can save you money on your energy bills.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is designed to deter intruders and make it easier for homeowners and passersby to see what’s going on around the property. There are four types of security lighting:

  • Continuous security lighting
  • Sensor lighting (energy-saving)
  • Smart lighting (app-controlled)
  • Emergency lighting (power outages)

If you have a Smart Home, you can control your security lighting via an app, whether you are home or not, or by asking Alexa or Google Assistant. With some systems, you can schedule your outdoor lighting to come at different times of day, like after sunset or until bedtime.

Home outdoor lighting installation

You should use a licensed electrician for any work connected to your home electrical system, for safety, and to protect your asset.

Most outdoor lighting installations involve wiring work which should not be attempted yourself. Doing so could void your insurance or create a situation where long-term damage that you can’t see is occurring in your walls or switchboard, running the risk of fire.

Going with an industry expert is also essential for getting the best outdoor lighting design, electrical compliance, and technical know-how.

Choose Form Electrical

For outdoor lighting installation in Melbourne, choose Form Electrical. Our lighting technicians can help you understand what’s available in terms of features, brands, and styles and what might best suit your area taking into account how you use it, the environment, how you want to illuminate it, and your budget.

  • Licenced Electrical Practice
  • Fully insured
  • Team members police checked
  • Dependable, friendly, and organised

All outdoor lighting installations by Form Electrical are compliant with Australian Standards and come with a 12-month installation guarantee.

Outdoor lighting installation quote

After a quotation for outdoor lighting installation? We’re here to help. Call Form Electrical on 0455116119 for a chat about outdoor lighting or use our online form.

Photos are really helpful for us when quoting. We appreciate:

  • Photo/s of the installation location
  • Photo of the meter box and switchboard
  • Photo of the front of the premises
Sam Gaillard
Sam Gaillard
28. May, 2022.
They fit us in without hesitation for a large electrical project – nothing was to hard and completed ontime and to a high standard.
Alex Mellor
Alex Mellor
25. May, 2022.
Communication and attention to detail is great.
Emily Moore
Emily Moore
23. May, 2022.
We use the guys for our maintenance works on our business , always on time and here same day if we ever need.
Jayden Lloyd
Jayden Lloyd
22. May, 2022.
Chris and the team did an awesome job on our renovation – highly recommend.