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Commercial Lighting Installation Melbourne

Form Electrical provides commercial lighting installation, upgrades, and repairs across Melbourne.

We service all industries and job sizes, from large-scale projects to smaller installations and repairs in modern, industrial, and heritage settings.

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

Purposeful, well-designed, industry-compliant lighting is essential for the productivity, safety, and security of your business.

Whether it’s for safety, product showcase, ambience, decoration, or high visibility; our team of technicians can design the ideal lighting installation based on illumination requirements, size of your area, budget, and decor.

We can also assist with maintenance and repairs if you need replacement globes, rewiring, adjustments or regular, operational safety checks.

Form Electrical is a fully insured, Licenced Electrical Contractor and Licenced Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria. All our electricians are fully qualified.

All commercial lighting installations are compliant with Australian Standards and a Certificate of Electrical Safety is provided upon completion.

All work performed in compliance with AS3000/AS3018.

Types of Commercial Lighting

Businesses require lighting for many purposes and with so many commercial lighting types available, it’s hard to know what might fit best, for your business.

  • High bay lights
  • Floodlights
  • Downlights
  • Spotlights
  • Festoon lights
  • Solar lights
  • Garden and landscape lighting
  • Smart lights
  • Decorative and string lights
  • Party lights
  • Track lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Sensor lights

Our friendly team has a wealth of knowledge on different types of commercial lighting and can always recommend the best product and lighting design for you.

There are many aspects to consider including location (indoor/outdoor), illumination level, usability features, positioning, mounting style, energy usage, and more.

The illumination level contributes to ambience and is also dependent on the intended usage of the space. For example, production lines require high visibility lighting. Something warmer and dimmable would be better suited to a waiting room.

Lighting that is automated is essential for emergency and safety lighting. Sometimes there are sensors and interconnected appliances, like alarms and sprinkler systems.

And of course, aesthetics! Your commercial lighting must look the part.

Commercial LED Lighting

LED is a type of globe. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs come in multiple globe types including high-bays, tubes, panels, and floodlights.

Benefits of commercial LED lighting:

  • Use less power
  • Runs at a cooler temperature
  • Longer-lasting globes
  • Rebates available
  • More environmentally friendly.

LED lighting is long-lasting compared to halogen (incandescent) and fluorescent lighting. LED lamps will last at least 25,000 hours (versus around 6000-8000 for a fluorescent and 2000 hours for an incandescent lamp). This means fewer blown bulbs and less downtime replacing them.

A cooler operating temperature means they are safer, and air conditioning costs are reduced. Save money with lower power bills, fewer globe replacements, and less maintenance. Bang for your buck!

There are different colored LED globes available, from warm to cool shades. Dimmable LEDs are available, although ‘standard’ LEDs are not dimmable.

Why are LEDs more energy efficient?

Incandescent lights (halogen) pass electricity through a filament that must get hot to produce light, meaning around 90% of electricity is wasted on generating heat.

Fluorescent globes produce light when an electric current is applied to mercury vapour, producing ultraviolet light, causing the lamp to glow.

LEDs produce light using electroluminescence. The process uses semiconductors that convert electricity into light. There is no filament, so power is not wasted on excess heat. They serve their purpose better.

LEDs can dramatically reduce energy usage and costs, by over 80%, making upgrades very attractive for businesses.

Commercial Lighting Installation

Adding a new room or signage to your business? Show it off with amazing lighting! Whether you are doing renovations at your business or need lighting installed for a new build, Form Electrical can help.

Design and installation can be incorporated into your existing lighting and security systems, major appliances, generators, exhaust fans, and other equipment including automation where applicable.

Where would you like your lights? Your new commercial lighting can be positioned and mounted to complement the existing environment. You could go with a ceiling, wall, floor, ground, or even surface-mounted.

Apart from the obvious, here are some unique options to consider:

  • Handrail lights
  • Track lights
  • Free-standing
  • Pendant lights
  • Suspended lights
  • Step lights

Tailored Commercial Lighting Plan

Not sure what type of commercial lights you need? You definitely don’t want to install something to find out later there was a better option.

We can recommend appropriate lighting for your premises and develop a tailored lighting plan to holistically address your requirements including illumination, safety, ambience, visibility, usability, style, and budget.

Our qualified electricians will also assess your electrical system where necessary and identify any upgrades needed to ensure capacity and compliance.

Lighting repairs and maintenance

Poor lighting puts your business at risk of lower productivity and potential accidents, causing injury and downtime. It’s better to keep your electrical system and lighting safe and maintained.

Form Electrical is available as your contractor for all electrical work including scheduled maintenance for your lighting system. We also undertake emergency repairs if needed.

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

Form Electrical has completed many small and large-scale commercial lighting upgrade projects across Melbourne.

We can help you replace your old high bay lights and fluorescent tubes with LEDs.

Our qualified electricians will help you find a replacement LED you are happy with including the illumination and output, colour, appearance, and warm-up time and make sure it is compatible with your existing fittings.

We will also facilitate the installation process and disposal of your old lighting.

Why upgrade?

Businesses grow! And technology advances. This means we can enjoy cheaper usage and longer-lasting globes and fixtures. New lighting types also become available that are more appropriate to our needs.

Plus… an opportunity to upgrade to better features! Connect your lighting so that one switch controls all! Install the dimmers you’ve always wanted. Colours? Does your restaurant need more romance? The lighting world is your oyster.

Commercial Lighting Rebates

Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program

Under the Victorian Government Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program, businesses can upgrade old high-bay and fluorescent lighting to energy-efficient LEDs for little to no cost.

The program supports businesses to install energy-efficient equipment or switch to appliances that create fewer emissions. It currently provides a range of low and no-cost energy-saving options, including lighting.

The average business currently saves $3,700 per year by participating in VEU. As a Licenced Electrical Practice with Energy Safe Victoria, Form Electrical can help you assess if you are eligible, explain how it all works, and help you through the process.

More information on the rebate is available at the Victorian Government website,

Choosing Commercial Lighting

Not sure about the type of lights you need?

Going with a qualified, industry expert is essential for getting the best design, compliance boxes ticked, and technical know-how.

Plus you get access to knowledge of the best brands and products that are well-built, with the best warranties and features – so they perform the way you need them to.

Don’t risk non-compliant electrical work being performed at your business, your insurance, and more importantly, your safety.

In Australia, installation of all permanently wired electrical equipment must be completed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Always go with Licenced Electrician, a qualified expert, so that all work is completed in compliance with current Australian codes and standards.

Choose Form Electrical

Form Electrical is your professional commercial lighting electrician in Melbourne. We’re good communicators, we’re organised, and we’re reliable.

We work with all types of buildings of varying heights and lighting requirements. We are fully insured and site-ready.

Whatever your business, whether it’s a clothing store, large-scale manufacturing operation, or tourist information centre; we would love to work with you.

Form Electrical is a Licenced Electrical Practice. All commercial lighting system installations by Form Electrical are compliant with Australian Standards and come with a 12-month installation guarantee.

Contact Form Electrical today to obtain a quote for a commercial lighting installation for your businesses.

Photos are really helpful for us when quoting. We appreciate:

  • Photo/s of the installation location
  • Photo of the meter box and switchboard
  • Photo of the front of the premises

Commercial lighting installations for all settings

Offices, factories, reception areas, production lines, car parks, safety lighting, waiting rooms, hotels, shopping centres, outdoor dining, restaurants, agricultural settings, salons, urban street lighting, theatres, schools, retail and department stores, playgrounds, and arcades.

Ready to chat ‘commercial lighting’?

Questions? We’re here to help. Call now for an obligation-free chat or lock in a site visit at a time convenient to you.

Commercial lighting installation in Melbourne get a quote today!
Sam Gaillard
Sam Gaillard
28. May, 2022.
They fit us in without hesitation for a large electrical project – nothing was to hard and completed ontime and to a high standard.
Alex Mellor
Alex Mellor
25. May, 2022.
Communication and attention to detail is great.
Emily Moore
Emily Moore
23. May, 2022.
We use the guys for our maintenance works on our business , always on time and here same day if we ever need.
Jayden Lloyd
Jayden Lloyd
22. May, 2022.
Chris and the team did an awesome job on our renovation – highly recommend.