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Air Conditioning Installation Services

Form Electrical provides air conditioning supply, installation and maintenance services for homes and businesses across Melbourne.

Using our extensive technical and product knowledge on the best air conditioning units and setups available, we will tailor your air conditioning installation to suit you, your space and its layout.

We select only established and trusted brands with good warranties and easy maintenance. This provides reliability, durability and great user-friendly features so you can enjoy the best air flow, efficiency and performance.

Form Electrical is a licensed, qualified electrician and Registered Electrical Contractor (REC 30327). Your installation will be 100% safe and compliant.

Our electricians are reliable and professional and we offer a transparent quotation process with competitive pricing. Call our friendly team today for a quote.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Melbourne

Form Electrical provides air conditioning installation for single level and multi-story residential and commercial properties, including stand-alone premises and larger buildings leased by multiple occupants. Our team is well-resourced to work with buildings of all styles and materials including brick, weatherboard, and concrete.

  • Homes and units
  • Apartments and townhouses
  • Retail
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Motels and accommodation
  • Schools and offices
  • Factories
  • Council and Government
  • Health care providers
  • Salons
  • Public facilities

While at your premises and potentially being seen (or interacting with) your tenants or clients, our team is professional, tidy and works efficiently to minimise any disturbance. We are also mindful of and take care with heritage and culturally sensitive spaces.

Types of Air Conditioning

There are multiple types of air conditioning systems to choose from, all designed to regulate airflow and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your space.

  • Split system reverse-cycle
  • Multi-unit air conditioners
  • Ducted air conditioning

A particular system or design may be better suited to your premises and your requirements, than others. Our experts can determine this through a site visit and close consultation with you to establish your needs.

There are many brands, sizes and styles on the market with varying user-features, performance and mounting options ranging from 2kW (the smallest split system) to a larger 25kW cooling capacity, which suits larger spaces.

Air Conditioning installation Melbourne by Form Electrical

Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioners come in smaller and larger models giving you the versatility to cool either one room, or an entire home. They provide cooling by drawing the warm air from inside and dissipating it outside, via an outdoor condenser. The indoor and outdoor components are connected via pipework and electrical wiring, with drainage lines to remove condensation. Split systems are a great low budget option and they are quiet, cheap to run and don’t require ductwork. They can be mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling.

Multi-unit split system air conditioning

Multi-unit split system air conditioning is a tailored setup of multiple split systems operating from one outdoor condenser unit. The units can operate simultaneously, meaning you can have rooms with varying temperatures throughout your home or building. This works great for multi-story homes, apartments, townhouses and small office buildings and is a good space-saver, with only one condenser unit needed outside. Our expert team can tailor your air conditioning installation setup including the amount of units, unit types, and placement based on your space.

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning provides streamlined climate control and a consistent temperature in every room. The cooling travels through ductwork installed in the roof or under the floor, entering every room via outlets located in either the floor or ceiling, making these systems quiet and unobtrusive. There is a central control centre with options for multiple control stations and some also allow customisable zones, for personalised temperature variance or usage timing according to your lifestyle. Single phase and three-phase options are available for high-powered homes and small buildings.

Features of air conditioning

Operational and aesthetic features all contribute to the function, performance and comfort your air conditioning appliance provides you. It is your investment and it is there to work for you!

  • Remote control / control centre
  • Adjustable fan settings
  • Customisable air distribution angles
  • Higher and lower temperature
  • Timer/clock and thermostat
  • Smart features
  • Size and appearance

When selecting air conditioning, consider the things that are important to you when it comes to placement, operational and user features. We are all unique and there are a variety of air conditioner makes and models on the market to cater. Our team can provide recommendations based on your preferences and budget.

Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

We want to source the product that’s perfect for you (not what others want to sell you) so you can get the most out of your investment, use it in the most cost effective way and enjoy the comfort of your new appliance.

Air conditioning designed for you

Our experts will look at your home or commercial building, ask you questions and chat with you about the way you will use your cooling so we can recommend the best air conditioning type, size and setup based on your preferences and your space, including:

  • Room/property size and shape
  • Air flow
  • Natural light
  • Location of doors/windows

This onsite assessment will help us assess whether multiple units are required and we can also check your switchboard to confirm that it’s safe to accommodate your new appliance into your existing electrical system.

Mounting your air conditioning

Mounting equipment holds your air conditioning unit (and its outdoor components) in place, in the desired location. Mounting should be practical, safe and unobtrusive.

Indoor units can be wall mounted, floor standing or ceiling mounted using mounting brackets. Outdoor units can be fixed using roof-mounting brackets or poly-concrete bases.

Fast and safe installation

At Form Electrical we use only quality tools, materials and parts to ensure a quality installation with all equipment and connections running seamlessly, so your new appliance performs and lasts. Installation will include:

  • Installing mounting mechanisms
  • Constructing holes through walls
  • Installing wiring and drainage pipes
  • Mounting the indoor unit
  • Fitting/mounting the outdoor condenser unit
  • Testing and instructions/advice

Following your air conditioning installation we will show you how to use your new appliance and offer expert advice on the best ways to cool your home, including some good tips and tricks!

You should always use a Registered Electrical Contractor for your installation. Air conditioning units are hard-wired appliances, required by law to be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician and comply with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018. Form Electrical is a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC 30327) so your installation will be 100% safe and compliant.

What to look for in good air conditioning

We supply and install quality air conditioning from brands that we recommend and trust. Those that have durable, well-made equipment components and accessible, quality parts. Our brands include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Rinnai, iZone, ActronAir, Clipsal, Fujitsu, HPM.

When considering air conditioning for your home or commercial premises it’s also good to look for makes/models that are:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet operation/minimal noise
  • Responsive to commands
  • Durable and long lasting (check reviews)
  • Cost-effective to run
  • Aesthetics to suit decor/fixtures

Maintenance for air conditioning

Form Electrical will support you post-installation to look after and maintain your new air conditioning appliance, including valuable advice on:

  • Things you can do to care for and preserve your appliance
  • Manufacturer instructions and warranty registration
  • Professional servicing and repairs as your licensed, qualified electrician.

Regular maintenance will keep your unit running efficiently, reduce the risk of it breaking down at the time you need it most and reduce the risk and cost of any major repairs down the track. Our experts can recommend suitable maintenance intervals depending on the location of your appliance and the usage.

Commercial air conditioning installation

Interested in commercial air conditioning installation in Melbourne? Being a well-established business, Form Electrical has a broad commercial client base across Melbourne. If you are a business owner looking to install air conditioning systems at your commercial premises, Form Electrical can help. We work with commercial property owners, business owners and building managers to implement commercial automation solutions that work. Call Form Electrical on 0455 116 119 or send us a message for a chat about your businesses air conditioning needs. 

Regulatory compliance for air conditioning installation 

Air conditioning installation in Melbourne involves working directly with your home electrical system and hard wired appliances. Legally in Australia, only a qualified, licensed electrician can perform this work. Form Electrical is a Registered Electrical Contractor and Licensed Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria. All work by Form Electrical addresses all safety and compliance requirements for Australian Standard AS3000/AS3018 and the Electrical Safety Act 1998.

Form Electrical is also a member of Master Electricians Australia and the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), supporting our responsibility to stay informed on any updates to regulations and maintain up to date knowledge on industry updates and guidelines.

Choose Form Electrical

Searching for air conditioning installation near me? Form Electrical is your local, qualified and licensed electrician based in Oakleigh South, Melbourne and we will gladly travel to your location.

  • Registered Electrical Contractor (REC30327) 
  • Fully qualified, experienced electricians
  • Working With Children (WWC) and Police checked
  • Licenced with Energy Safe Victoria
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety provided
  • Compliant with (Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules) AS3000/AS3018
  • Compliant with the Electrical Safety Act 1998
  • Solution-based recommendations and advice
  • 12-month installation guarantee
  • Fully insured

Our team has experience working in a variety of residential and commercial buildings including stand-alone homes/units, townhouses, apartment complexes (body corporates) and commercial buildings (retail, hospitality, showrooms, public and shared spaces).

Form Electrical is your go-to air conditioning electrician! For a quality, well-designed and seamless air conditioning installation in Melbourne, call Form Electrical on 0455 116 119.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding air conditioner installation?
View our most frequently asked questions below.

How much does air conditioning installation cost?

This depends on the type of system you choose (split-system, multi-system or ducted) and the size of your space and the model/brand. $1000 is generally the starting price for a single split system unit for a small room (no more than 15 square meters). Bigger split system air conditioning units for larger spaces start from around $1999.

How long does air conditioning installation take?

Installation can be completed in a few hours to a day, depending on the environment and the type of air conditioning to be installed. If you are upgrading, we can also remove and dispose of your old air conditioner, saving you the worry.

Do you repair air conditioners?

Yes. Form Electrical offers repair and maintenance services for air conditioners including regular testing and ‘Test and Tag’ for commercial air conditioners. Damaged air conditioners can sometimes require replacement parts, due to minor accidents and general wear and tear. Professional servicing by an expert technician checks your overall system condition and efficiency including working parts, connections, responsiveness and performance. Filters are cleaned and any build up such as dust and residue is removed, which may be affecting its performance. Keeping your system maintained also improves air quality and extends the lifespan of your appliance.

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Sam Gaillard
Sam Gaillard
28. May, 2022.
They fit us in without hesitation for a large electrical project – nothing was to hard and completed ontime and to a high standard.
Alex Mellor
Alex Mellor
25. May, 2022.
Communication and attention to detail is great.
Emily Moore
Emily Moore
23. May, 2022.
We use the guys for our maintenance works on our business , always on time and here same day if we ever need.
Jayden Lloyd
Jayden Lloyd
22. May, 2022.
Chris and the team did an awesome job on our renovation – highly recommend.

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