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Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne

Form Electrical provides upgrades, repairs and maintenance for all types of residential and commercial switchboards across Melbourne.

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Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne

Form Electrical provides upgrades, repairs and maintenance for all types of residential and commercial switchboards across Melbourne. We also can undertake a safety inspection of your existing switchboard to ensure it is safe, compliant and effectively supporting your electrical system and power needs. 

If you are seeing signs like tripping power, regularly blown fuses, flickering lights or sparks in your power points, it’s highly likely that your switchboard needs the attention of a qualified electrician. Get reassurance and feel at ease knowing that your property, belongings and personal safety is protected.

Form Electrical is a fully insured, Registered Electrical Contractor (REC30327) and Licensed Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria. All work performed comes with a lifetime installation guarantee and Certificate of Electrical Safety. All work is performed in compliance with AS3000/AS3018.

We’re an established local business in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs with a strong focus on quality work and customer experience. Our team is dependable, friendly and approachable. Call us regarding your switchboard upgrade today 0455 116 119.

Switchboard upgrade services

Form Electrical services all types of older and new switchboards including small and large switchboards and high-powered 3-phase switchboards. 

  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Switchboard repairs 
  • Switchboard inspections and assessment (safety/compliance)
  • New build switchboard installations
  • Switchboard replacements
  • Preventative maintenance

If you are a property owner or property manager requiring a switchboard upgrade, our team of licensed, qualified electricians can help. We work in all types of homes including houses, units, townhouses, apartment blocks and villas. 

3-phase switchboard upgrades

The electrical system in most homes operates on single-phase power (up to 240 volts). Some larger, high-powered homes and commercial properties require 3-phase power (240 to 415 volts) due to having a higher-voltage electrical system and higher usage requirements. 

Form Electrical services single-phase and 3-phase switchboards. We can also provide advice on whether an upgrade to 3-phase power is needed. Also see our commercial services for commercial and industrial 3-phase electrical distribution board upgrades.

Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne Fire

Signs of a malfunctioning switchboard

Your switchboard is the hub that manages the electrical system and distribution of power throughout your property. A malfunctioning switchboard interrupts this process and we’re dealing with power here – so it’s potentially quite dangerous. The signs are not always visible, however there are a few key things to look out for: 

  • Frequently blown fuses 
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Flashes or discolouration at power outlets 
  • Unusual smells around the switchboard 
  • Tripping safety switches and circuit breakers
  • Appliances cutting out (the same ones – recurring)
  • High energy bills

Switchboard faults can result in unwelcome, unsafe and untimely electrical faults or sudden loss of power, which can really disrupt your day. Furthermore, the gradual damage happening behind your walls (which you potentially can’t see) can also be quite expensive to repair – so it pays not to ignore the signs when you see them.  

Older homes

Switchboards in most older homes were built and installed to the regulations current at the time and the power requirements of the property. The power requirements of a home can change over time due to renovations, updated appliances (computers, cooking, lighting), new installations (EV chargers, garages) and different power usage patterns associated with a modern lifestyle. 

So if you have an older home, your switchboard may no longer be compliant and its capacity to efficiently and safely power your home to its current electrical demand may be affected. Call Form Electrical on 0455 116 119 to have your home switchboard inspected today. 

Don’t risk it

Unfortunately electrical faults also are a common cause of house fires. Don’t risk losing your biggest asset (your home), your sentimental belongings and more importantly – your personal safety. 

Safety switches for your electrical circuits are now mandatory, as stated in the current AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules. Your insurance may become void if an issue within your home electrical system (such as safety switch installation) remains unattended to.

Switchboard inspections and assessments

Our qualified electricians can perform a thorough inspection, testing and assessment of your switchboard and electrical system. Given the necessity of your switchboard and the risks should anything go wrong, it’s important to look after its health. Our comprehensive switchboard inspections and testing includes checking for: 

  • Compliance with current switchboard regulations and codes
  • Adequate size/capacity for the power demand of the property 
  • Appropriate hardware to enable capability to function correctly
  • Presence of safety switches and switch testing
  • Location/environment suitability
  • Any necessary upgrades to mains or 3-phase power (if needed)
  • Any necessary repairs including wiring and cabling (if needed)

You will receive a professional report detailing the checked components and assessment results, including a quotation for any repairs or upgrades (if needed) and a suggested date for your next inspection. 

Routine switchboard inspections provide reassurance that your home electrical system is running efficiently, safely and at its optimum capacity. This means having enough power when you need it, safe supply and control of your power and protection for your property and family.  

Switchboard Repairs Melbourne

Switchboard upgrades and repairs

Components of your switchboard can become damaged over time due to wear, age and environmental factors, making it slow and inefficient. Our team of qualified electricians can repair or upgrade your existing switchboard to restore the reliability and full functionality of your home electrical system and restore any electrical faults that may be occurring. 

  • Circuit breaker (fuse) replacement
  • Loose connections
  • Damaged or degraded wiring
  • RCD (Residual Current Device) installation/repairs
  • Replacing damaged parts (busbars, cables, terminals)
  • Surge protector installation
  • Safety switch installation
  • Circuit reconfiguration and rebalancing
  • Full switchboard upgrades

Your switchboard will be screened for compliance with updated switchboard regulations including new safety switch (RCD) requirements as stated in AS NZS 3000 2018 (Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules). We will also conduct final testing to ensure that your switchboard is fully functioning again at its optimum before we leave. 

Underground Electrical for Switchboard Upgrades in Melbourne

Qualified, compliant, licenced electrician

By law, any necessary upgrades to switchboards are required to be fitted by a registered or licenced electrician, in compliance with AS3000/AS3018 (Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules).

Form Electrical is a fully insured, Registered Electrical Contractor (REC30327) and Licensed Electrician with Energy Safe Victoria. Our electricians are fully qualified with the relevant qualifications and knowledge of current codes and regulations relating to domestic and commercial electrical work in Australia.   

  • Registered Electrical Contractor (REC30327) 
  • Fully qualified electricians
  • Licenced with Energy Safe Victoria
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety provided
  • Compliant with (Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules) AS3000/AS3018
  • Compliant with the Electrical Safety Act 1998
  • 12-month installation guarantee

Engaging a fully qualified, electrician is your reassurance of a quality installation. With over 15 years experience, we apply high attention to detail, technical expertise and quality workmanship to all our electrical services. Our standards are high and we like to be known for it!

Friendly, dependable service

At Form Electrical, we like to look after our clients, focusing on a positive customer experience and maintaining client relationships.

All staff throughout our business are friendly, honest and approachable with a positive can-do attitude. Good communication is maintained from start to finish, so you stay informed throughout the entire process. 

Our team members are police checked and we’re reliable, friendly, and organised.

Switchboard upgrades Melbourne

Form Electrical provides switchboard upgrades across Melbourne, Bayside and the Mornington Peninsula, including the following suburbs:

Black RockMordialloc
CarrumMount Eliza
Carrum DownsMount Martha
ChelseaPatterson Lakes
DromanaPort Melbourne
ElsternwickRed Hill
TyabbSt Kilda

Call Form Electrical

If you’re not sure when your switchboard was last checked by a licensed electrician, arrange an inspection today. Go straight to our enquiry form. Or if you want to know more, give us a call on 0455 116 119.

Get a quote!

We quote ‘per job’ due to the varying conditions and requirements that each job presents and photos are really helpful for us! 

When quoting, we appreciate:

  • Photo of your switchboard
  • Photo of your metre box
  • Photo of the house/property from the front yard

Frequently asked questions

How long does a switchboard upgrade take?

Depending on the size of your switchboard and amount of electrical work involved, a switchboard upgrade may take between 2-6 hours.

How much does a switchboard upgrade cost?

So how much does it cost to replace a switchboard? A switchboard upgrade can cost anywhere between $900- $2,500 depending on the size and condition of the switchboard and the amount of work involved. This can include mains upgrades, relocation, cabling and rewiring. 

Renovating? Call Form Electrical today on 0455 116 119 for a more detailed quotation based on your current switchboard, your home and your power usage. We’re here to help.

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Sam Gaillard
Sam Gaillard
28. May, 2022.
They fit us in without hesitation for a large electrical project – nothing was to hard and completed ontime and to a high standard.
Alex Mellor
Alex Mellor
25. May, 2022.
Communication and attention to detail is great.
Emily Moore
Emily Moore
23. May, 2022.
We use the guys for our maintenance works on our business , always on time and here same day if we ever need.
Jayden Lloyd
Jayden Lloyd
22. May, 2022.
Chris and the team did an awesome job on our renovation – highly recommend.

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